Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jacques Rancière

French man, Jacques Rancière is set to release four new books over the next 6 months.

The titles for the books are:

"Aesthetic Unconscious" - to be released January 2010 by Polity which so far has gotten great reviews.

"Aesthetics and its Discontents" is being released by Polity, in October or so 2009.

"Dissensus: on Politics and Aesthetics" - which is a collection of essays and is published by Continuum, to be released February 2010

"The Emancipated Spectator", the follow up to "Future of the Image" is being released by Verso, November 2009.

Also, The Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy are calling for papers for a Symposium and Special Issue on Jacques Rancière – Guest Editor: Joseph J. Tanke, for more information go here.

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